venerdì 26 marzo 2010


something from

last year


I'm gonna be there also this year

It will be funny in Helsinki

They have a special tip to avoid

hangovers the morning after

...they keep drinking all the time

for all the wek end!!

The show is filled with tip top cars and bikes .

I'm heading north , it's gonna be a hell of a drive, again,

hopefully not much snow.

giovedì 18 marzo 2010

fiesta loca

all the time!!

speed fest

I wish to thank very much
all the crew of the Speed Fest
and all the friends, old and new,
that were there
for theyr extra warm welcome
and support.

I really had a great time in Spain

lookin' forward to see you guys again ,
somewhere around the world, soon

Latinos rule!!

mercoledì 10 marzo 2010

Mi vago ala Speed Fest

in Spagna

se vedemo la'

martedì 9 marzo 2010

hotrod project

as many of you already know I have a Hot Rod project goin' on.

it is like building old sailing ships models.

something done just for the fun of it.
Now it is ready for paint...

venerdì 5 marzo 2010

Kustom Kops

I cioperisti i me ga domanda' de castomizarghe el relojo
( Kustom clock for Kustom cops, they asked me to put something on the boring white clock they have in the office)


From this:

to this!!

flake anyone??

mercoledì 3 marzo 2010

love, peace and panheads

Summer in Sweden