lunedì 23 agosto 2010

Chopper show

.... and this is the poster
of an exibition of Choppers in Stockholm
in 1976

...only 34 years ago

10 choppers from Sofia Hogs on display


Hello there,
maybe you like it , maybe not
this is the FIRST chopper built in Sweden.
like 1966 / 67 or something
owned by Matte from Sofia Hogs in Stockholm


martedì 3 agosto 2010


...e controsterzo!!

lunedì 2 agosto 2010


hillclimber from Norway

domenica 1 agosto 2010


Per Leis racing at the A-Bombers
just another hero that I'm proud to call friend

Totte's Widow Maker

Totte was racing this panhead made expressely to race at the hillclimb in the A-Bombers meeting in Uddevalla.
He made to the show with his Knuckle with sidecar -tow truck sistem.
Ah! inside the coca cola box only chilled beer was allowed!