venerdì 25 giugno 2010

Jackson Pollock

the greatest!

mercoledì 23 giugno 2010

Linkert Attack!

This is the place to be this Week-End!
I just regret I cannot make it ,but if you can...GO!


Title of this painting is:
"Velocita' in Motocicletta" ( speeding on a bike)

painted between 1913- 1914

almost 100 years ago

Giacomo Balla is one of my favourite artists

martedì 22 giugno 2010

Here we go...

back in businness!

I've been out for a while,

first was the Jesolo bike week.

very nice meeting,

it was on a huge location, and I think it can grow much more.

I met lot of friends, and this 3 days formula is perfect , so you can spend more time with people.
after the show in the kart track , in the night, the party moved inside the Gasoline Bar.

looot of fun.

just after the jesolo thing
just went home, switched clothes , take a shower, loaded the bike on my old van, and GO!

only 2000 km to Sweden,
Germany was RAIN, ( wonder why) and dangerous ride

to meet Krantz and all the brothers

and drive to Norrtalje for the Custom Show.

Chopper Dave was there,

as usual the warmest welcome from the Twin Club friends

The best part of that event, after the show, is to have some beers around the camping spot.

Meet lot of interesting people, from Sweden , Finland and the rest of Europe.
Plebs area is alway filled up with cool people and cool bikes
Also Minna was there with her Chopper, she got AMD award, so she goes to Sturgis this Summer

Two friends from Italy joined this year, Gabriele e Gigi.

They rode all the way up and down crossin Germany and Poland with theyr bikes.

After the Custom Show, just spent some time around Sweden,cooked some Italian dinner for Dave , Rille and friends, with some good Italian wine.

the day after, the plan was to have my friend El Cheapo,who was back from Bottrop with some friends to visit me,
but some mechanical problems had to be fixed , so they showed up late, and the planned coffee time was switched into a barbecue,

it was raining, ( strange, it never rains in Sweden) we fit , like 15 people, inside my Stuga, It was funny.

Good memories, and good friendship.

Than the Jokers Car Show came, and also more rain and wind!

not so many peopled showed up, but plenty to make a good show.

Calle with his gorgeus , all by himself built, Panhead won the Best Bike trophy.

super happy!

The flight back home was smooth, no delays, no luggage lost, perfect!

immediatly junp in the car and drive to Cafe' degli Artisti in Cesenatico for a party.

there was Herb Martinez striping live, so I met this old friend after 11 years.

but no time to rest, just reload the car the day after and go to the Bikers Fest in Osoppo

I was invited there as Special Guest

on the way up, I stopped in Gasoline Bar to say hello to Alberto and to the Japanese guys ,

Wildman, Makoto, Ghost, MrG, and Nash,.

was good to see them.They were on tour around Europe.

I'm gonna meet them again next december in Yokohama, at the Mooneyes Show.

The Biker Fest was good,

unfortunately the rain made some bikers stay home ( this before the internet and I-Phone age

wouldn't have happen, everybody was checkin the weather in real time)

but anyway it was good for me, I had also time to stay with friends, drink coupla beers, listen to the music and see the traditional midnight strip tease, wow!

the welcome from the organization was super warm,

Thank you Moreno and staff.

Now I'm here again, planning for the next trip,

see you in Lugano Switzerland, on 3rd week end of July.

Not so many pictures taken,

I'm very bad with cameras

dig this I took from the window of my van driving to Norrtalje

it says alot about swedish style!

Riding average 120 kmh in a 22" over chopper

The other is just before the ride to the Custom Show