martedì 26 ottobre 2010


I'm goin' to Japan
you know
today I made this
I can still handle the airbrush sometime
1-Shot paint on leather

mercoledì 20 ottobre 2010


Just to share with you my current project

this is my answer to the question:

what to do with an ugly Duo frame with an ugly
welded-on rigid tail?
Anyway looot of work still left

martedì 19 ottobre 2010

What else?

good memories,
friends, good food, good wine
what else?

giovedì 14 ottobre 2010

finished today

Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe,
Purple candy, flake, gold leaf, 1-Shot paint on aluminum
130 x 80 cm
I'm happy.

lunedì 11 ottobre 2010

old times

50th Gran National Roadster Show 1999

S. San Francisco

This was the booth of Ed Roth.
I was there with him and JimmyC.
what an incredible thing!
good memories,
Thank you Big Daddy,
I miss you!

venerdì 8 ottobre 2010


Song Of The Spirits Over The Water

The spirit of Man
Resembles water:
Coming from heaven,
Rising to heaven,
And hither and thither,
To Earth must then
Ever descend.

It leaps from the heights
Of the sheer cliff,
In a pure stream,
Then rises sweetly
In clouds of spray
Against smooth stone,
And lightly received
Flows like a veil
Streaming softly
To depths beneath.

When the sheer rocks
Hinder its fall,
It foams angrily
Flowing stepwise
Into the void.
Along its flat bed
It wanders the vale,
And on the calm lake
All the bright stars
Gaze at their faces.
Wind is the water’s
Sweet lover:
Wind stirs up foaming
Waves from the deep.

Spirit of Man
How like water you are!
Man’s fate, oh,
How like the wind!

J.W.v. Goethe

martedì 5 ottobre 2010

Ok, Ok,just another FAKE

Yes , yes ,we all are sinners,
we all know the old story of Adam and Eve and the apple and the original sin, whatever,

What the F..k is this?

Watch out for fake ones