martedì 15 novembre 2011


See you there!!!

lunedì 14 novembre 2011

EICMA Custom...


sabato 1 ottobre 2011


don't miss this!! :


martedì 27 settembre 2011

Rombo di Tuono

ci vediamo a Montichiari
vedete di non mancare!!

giovedì 25 agosto 2011

Here we go!
Don't miss it!

martedì 23 agosto 2011

Moon Cafe' Jesolo Beach


for sure most of you guys already know, this is just a reminder

and I will be there

with my paint and brushes

trying to give some more Color to this Funny Planet

See you there!

domenica 31 luglio 2011


in Summer it's good to have a boat

go to the lake

have fun

...this is the thing

Some striping makes it even looking better

martedì 7 giugno 2011


the best picture of the Custom Bike Show

...ahh those bikers

martedì 31 maggio 2011

Hot Rod

Hot rod?

Skoda pick up
are Koolest now

Dasvidanja Tovarish

domenica 29 maggio 2011



ci sono tornato di nuovo...

se non fosse per le bandiere giallo-blu che garriscono al vento in quasi tutti i giardini delle case

la sfilata di cadillac che incontro per strada mi farebbe pensare di avere sbagliato traghetto

...magari ho preso quello per NY...

ma questo e' quasi normale in Svezia

specialmente nei weekend,

quello che mi ha fatto impressione stavolta

e' stato arrivare nel paesello vicino casa e trovare un raduno di treruote

enjoy :)

martedì 10 maggio 2011

Oh Yes
just a sample of what was there...


Last February
On the road to Avesta
for the Mooneyes Sweden Bike show

nice trip to be remembered for long time
but worth it
just for the day after sunny weather
and the place of the show
not to mention the bikes
and goodtime with friends.

lunedì 25 aprile 2011

riding season

is starting

lunedì 11 aprile 2011

"LOVE and DO what YOU WANT"

S. Agostino.

venerdì 11 marzo 2011

I´m near
to all my Japanese friends
in this hard moment.

hold fast

martedì 8 febbraio 2011


from SPAIN

Marcos,from Spain,
sent his latest creation
this reminds me the old times

lot of us in Italy started with
a honda shadow.

now it looks like fancy to deal with
front twin japanese bikes,
but also this v twin has some appeal.
except for the radiator,
wich can always be moved on the rear
Bepi, the legendary chopper builder, did it many years ago




IT IS ...


I did it again!
after no stop drive through Europe
i made it to Sweden.

to be honest it was a "pleasure" to cross Germany with the sunny weather
it's not so common

Denmark was storm rain and wind
like at midnight I had to stop for a very
bad noise coming from under the car.

imagine middle of nowhere , in a rainstorm (lucky , could have been snow) me, rolling under the car to check what was the problem, in a truck drivers parking lot,in the total darkness.
I foung a piece of fabric rolled to the front driveshaft beating a rubber hose,
so it was kinda lucky thing,easy to fix.
then drive to the next ferry
and cross the border to Sweden at 2,00 o'clock in the night.
of course stopped by the customs
( ultra loaded car with everything inside) they didn't even dare to check...
drive to Flakeberg
made it at 8 in the morning after coupla stops to rest , fill gas and eat the traditional drivers food at the gas station: Korv med Brod ( hot dog) with shrimp salad , of course.

Now try to understand where I landed, it takes always coupla days
and then
100% Blaster again.

giovedì 13 gennaio 2011


E ci saro' anche qua

mooneyes sweden

Ok ciopperisti,
questo e' per ricordare che io ci vado

se siete da quelle parti fatevi vedere
Keep in mind this show
I'm gonna be there.